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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mariah Carey And Miguel Are Back.. In Spanglish

By Michael Lopez

Mariah Carey and Miguel scored a nice hit this summer with their “#Beautiful” collaboration. And to help capitalize on its success, they’re releasing it again…in a new Spanglish format.

"#Hermosa” still has the same hashtag and backbeat, but the lyrics got a new tweak. Here, Mimi and Miguel trade Espanol lines and offer direct shout outs to their Latino fans.

Technically a remix, “#Hermosa” is actually the third version of “#Beautiful” to hit iTunes. Earlier in the month, Carey and Miguel released a hip-hop tinged varation with rapper A$AP Rocky.

We actually like “#Hermosa” the best of all three. The Spanish lyrics add a sexy touch and seem to blend well with the powerful guitars. You can hear it for yourself by clicking here.

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